Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a band?

If your band is available for your date, a booking form between you and the band will be drawn up and sent to you for completion. Once the booking form and your deposit have been received, the completed booking form and receipt of deposit will be sent to you as proof of your booking.

Can I see a band perform live before booking?

Unfortunately the only performances the bands do tend to be private weddings and parties. Pubs and clubs just don’t pay for live music like they used to. However, the videos, audio samples and pictures give an excellent representation of each band.

How far will the band travel?

Your band is happy to travel anywhere for your event. However, please bear in mind that venues situated over 2 hours travel from where your band is based will incur additional costs for travel and accomodation as needed.

What is included in the quoted price?

The quoted price is based on a 5pm arrival at the earliest with 2 hours of live music divided to suit your requirements beginning at 6pm at the earliest (after a minimum of 1 hour set up time) and finishing at midnight at the latest. It includes travel to your venue (if your venue is within 2 hours travel), all equipment needed, background music through the sound system during breaks and the learning of a particular song just for you (if required). Please enquire if you require different timings and you will be quoted a price based on your specific needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

For your deposit, cheque or bank transfer are accepted. And for the balance, either cash or cheque paid to your band on arrival or bank transfer to clear before your event.

Can we speak to the band directly when we’ve booked?

Any enquiries you have will be dealt with swiftly, please use the form to Contact Ben, or if you would prefer to be in direct contact with your band this can be arranged at any point following booking.

How do I make changes to my booking?

To make changes to your booking please Contact Ben or speak to your band directly.

What happens if a band member is ill and has to cancel?

In the event of any band member being unable to perform due to illness or other unforeseen circumstance, your band have a number of professional understudies to call upon. This will in no way interfere with the quality of the performance.

When will the band arrive?

For an evening performance, your band can arrive at any time from 5pm to be ready to start at 6pm at the earliest (after 1 hour set up time). For an afternoon performance, they will arrive 1 hour before they are due to begin playing. Earlier arrival times are an option but will cost extra.

How long will the band take to set up their equipment?

It is best to allow your band 1 hour to be completely set up, sound checked and ready to start.

How long will the band play for?

Your band will play two hours of live music divided to suit you. This is commonly done as 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. If you require additional sets of live music this can be arranged for you at extra cost.

How many songs will the band play during their set?

In the 2 hours of live music, your band can be expected to cover between 30 and 40 songs.

How long will the band’s interval(s) be?

Your band will usually take an interval of 10 to 15 minutes between sets. These can be extended to suit you.

What time will the band finish?

Your live music can finish at any time before midnight. Alternatively, your band can finish earlier and put party music through the sound system until midnight at the latest. Later finishing times are possible but will cost extra.

How many songs will the band play during their set?

In the 2 hours of live music, your band can be expected to cover between 30 and 40 songs.

What happens when the band aren’t playing?

When your band isn’t playing, they will put appropriate party music through their sound system to keep the atmosphere going. An alternative is for you to provide an iPod or laptop with a playlist of your choice which they can then put through the sound system.

How loud will the band be?

In terms of volume, you can expect your band to be loud enough to dance to but quiet enough that your guests away from the dancefloor can hold a conversation comfortably. As they are using a sound system, they will be happy to adjust volume levels to suit your preference.

Our venue uses a sound limiter, is this a problem?

A sound limiter above 90db is perfectly manageable. Any lower than this and it is worth double checking as sound limiters usually work by cutting off the power to your band’s equipment which can cause damage.

What will the band wear?

Your band will be smartly dressed in black or white shirts, black trousers and smart shoes (or a smart dress for the girls). If you require specific outfits (tuxedos for example) please enquire and these can be hired in for an extra cost.

How much space will the band need?

Based on a quartet or four-piece, your band will need a space of roughly 4 metres across and 3 metres deep. If your band is larger or smaller, simply add or subtract an extra metre of width per band member.

Will the band bring lighting?

Some of the bands have their own stage lighting which they bring with them. If not, it is always possible to source and bring stage lighting on request for a low extra cost with enough notice.

Can we choose which songs the band will play?

Your band will have a set list consisting of songs which work well from their experience. They will also have an extended repertoire list of all the songs they know. You are welcome to substitute any songs from the extended repertoire into the set list as long as this is done with enough notice for the band to perfect your requests. In terms of songs not on the repertoire, your band will be happy to learn one song just for you (your first dance for example) for no extra charge, providing it works with the instrumental make up of the band.

Can we borrow the band’s microphone for speeches / announcements on the night?

Of course, clients often make use of the microphone for speeches / announcements. Although it is worth running through the logistics of when you would like to use the microphone before the day of the event.

Does the band provide PLI & PAT certificates?

All bands have up to date PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificates which some venues may ask for.

Do we need to provide anything?

As your band will be at your venue for the entire evening, we do ask that you provide some food and drink (some of the evening buffet and water are absolutely fine).